Join us at the London CRUISE Show and you could win £500 towards you next cruise courtesy of Iglu Cruise!

We’re excited to be at The London CRUISE Show at London’s Olympia next month. Dame Esther Rantzen will open the two-day show on February 14th.

The good news is that we’re running an exclusive competition at the London CRUISE Show offering visitors the chance to win a very generous prize of £500 to redeem against your next cruise* courtesy of Iglu Cruise. As the UK’s largest independent cruise agency, Iglu Cruise offers a wide range of cruises from the leading cruise lines, which visit more than 30 destinations.

Fancy winning a £500 cruise voucher?

To find out how to enter, visit the Cruise Critic stand at the show ( Stand number E36). Whether you’re brand new to cruise, or have many cruises under your belt, we’d love to meet you and chat about about Cruise Critic, and help you to find the answers to any cruise related questions you may have.

If that isn’t enough of an incentive to attend, don’t forget that there will be a variety of other money saving offers, upgrades, and competitions. Here’s a snapshot of what other exhibitors are offering at the show:

See what’s on at the London CRUISE Show.


Member review of the week: Location, location, location!


St Maarten

This week our reviewer, joby69, writes about his Eastern Caribbean cruise that focused on location, location, location.

“Disembarkation and embarkation was quicker than most ships I have been on – very easy and straight forward”, he writes. And this is just the beginning of what made an amazing holiday for this week’s member…

Read on to find out more.


Is Norwegian Escape the cruise ship for you?

Norwegian Escape

With so many new cruise ships coming out, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you and your family. Although it’s still months away from its October debut, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why the 4,200-passenger ship appeals to people who want lots of entertainment and dining options on their next vacation, even if you’ve never cruised before.

Norwegian Escape may just be the right cruise ship for you:

Is Norwegian Escape the right ship for your vacation?


HM The Queen to be Godmother to Britannia?

There’s an old adage here at Cruise Critic that if you want to know anything connected with cruise the members will know.

And so it has proven once again, this time over the Godmother for P&O Cruises‘ largest and newest ship, Britannia.

While perusing the Boards I noticed the following headline: Godmother for Britannia?

Intrigued, I clicked on the thread, and this is what I found.

Read on to find out more.


Cruise Critic Live: Celebrity Cruises’ UK head talks suites, spas and signature sailings (and ABBA)

We’re looking forward to welcoming Jo Rzymowska, managing director of Celebrity Cruises UK & Ireland, onto Cruise Critic Live! next week.

We caught up with Jo ahead of the chat to quiz her about some of the new features onboard Celebrity’s Solstice Class ship – and to find out more about her love of all things ABBA…

Read on to find out more.


If money were no object … would you live on a luxury cruise ship?

Lee Wachtstetter

If money were no object… would you live on a luxury cruise ship?

The story of Lee Wachtstetter — an octogenarian widow who lives full-time on the luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity — has lately been making the rounds in some of America’s largest newspapers.

‘Mama Lee,’ as she’s known onboard, is 86 years old and has been cruising on Crystal Serenity for almost seven years, since selling her 10-acre, five-bedroom Fort Lauderdale property.

She began cruising during her 50-year marriage to husband Mason, a banker. The pair took 89 cruises together, and just before he passed away in 1997, Mason told his bride, “Don’t stop cruising.”

She’s taken the advice to heart and says she lives, “a stress-free, fairy-tale life” onboard Serenity.

But what does that lifestyle cost her, and what does she get in return?


Member review of the week: Top class…again

“If you haven’t been with Regent before and are thinking about it – DO IT!” says our reviewer, Retiredwaster, on his cruise to Dubai.

“Efficient”and “catering to individual wishes” were some of the things that made his cruise absolutely top class on Regent’s Seven Seas Voyager

Read on to find out more.


21 Signs you’re a cruise addict

cruise ship

Anyone can say they’re addicted to cruising. It’s easy to get hooked after one week of basking in the sun and fresh salty air, hopping around exotic lands without a worry in the world. But it takes a special set of credentials to actually bear the label.

Cruise addicts are fully aware – and accepting – of their condition. We’re not talking about the guy with the Royal Caribbean tattoo or the family with a Carnival funnel on their minivan (you’re welcome for that idea). Most cruise addicts like to keep a low profile.

To determine how much of a cruise addict you really are, we’ve made a list of 21 obvious warning signs. How many apply to you?

1. You basically work to fund your next cruise

2. Your smartphone and/or computer wallpaper is a cruise ship or destination

Read on for the full list of symptoms


Hot on the forums: Why do you cruise?

photo courtesy of egd/Shutterstock

To seasoned seafarers it seems pretty obvious; and it doesn’t take long for first time cruisers to catch on. But I’m constantly surprised by the number of landlubber friends and acquaintances who ask me why I love cruising – often followed up with a quizzical: “But what do you do all day?”

From now on I’m going to point them in the direction of the thread started by Cruise Critic member funtime238 who simply asks: “Why do you cruise?

Already running to five pages, it’s a great reminder of everything we personally love about cruising (in my case packing and unpacking only once, seeing a variety of places in a short space of time and the thrill of being at sea), coupled with reasons that might not have entered our radar.

Join in on the conversation, and tell us why you cruise.


Observed onboard: Drones on the loose

photo courtesy of Warongdech/Shutterstock

If you thought a selfie stick was this year’s must-have toy for cruisers, think again.

There I was, meditating on top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar, on a sunset excursion from my recent Irrawaddy river cruise. Hundreds of people had gathered and the atmosphere was peaceful and contemplative.

Suddenly, the air filled with a horrible, high-pitched whine. I practically toppled off the ledge I was perched on as a camera drone zoomed in too close for comfort, screaming around the temple and buzzing the crowd. Instead of photographing the sunset and thinking Buddhist thoughts, everybody started doing Mexican waves at the device, which hovered in front of us like an enormous wasp. The peace was shattered.


Feeling disturbed? Read on for more about drones.