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Cozumel’s rainy: Tropical storm or just bad luck?

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All the Dispatches from Norwegian Epic’s Western Caribbean Cruise

That’s funny . . . no one said a thing in the forecast about it raining cats and Chihuahuas here in Cozumel today. But for a few hours this morning and early afternoon, a street-flooding deluge pounded the Mexican port, about the only hint of bad weather we’ve encountered this week aboard Norwegian Epic.

Cozumel today was a washout, weatherwise, but cruise travelers are a pretty hearty bunch and a spate of rain isn't a tragedy. We are wondering, though: what's that guy doing with a suitcase?

The word in the corridors is that this could be the outlying reach of Tropical Storm Richard, now churning to the south of us. Others say it’s just typical showers that are particularly numerous and heavy today. Whatever they are, they put a damper on the day, though not necessarily the spirits of those who braved them.

Count me among those. Just as I was about to step off the ship, the rain was so heavy you could barely see across the port to Cozumel itself. I waited inside and watched as drenched passengers ran up the gangway. The most common reaction: “It’s cold in here!” Second most common: “I’m wet down to my underpants.”

A pair of Brits, soaked but smiling, explained they’d walked until they got tired and started shopping. So where did the monsoon catch up to them? “At the exact point where we’d decided this is as far as we could walk.” No matter. Both said a few margaritas primed them for journey back to the ship.

When it started to let up, I strolled down to main drag. Disconsolate shopkeepers said business was way down, while Epic-urians returning from excursions on the water reported that most of the time it was fine, but that things got a little shaky once the weather turned. Those who cruise are a hearty breed, of course. A little rain isn’t going to stop many from communing with Nemo & Co.

That said, today is the first time in my cruising experience that the weather has been this sour this long in port. Naturally, sunshine is preferred, but the drops added some drama to what’s normally a crowded, hot, somewhat overwhelming scene.
Tonight we head back to Miami, Richard possibly at our heels. Keep checking our Hurricane Zone for the latest details.



  • I can relate! In 8 cruises and 3 resort vacas we never encountered weather like we
    found in Cozumel this past June. Our excursion to Playa del Carmen was cancelled due to high seas so instead of letting the day get us down we fulfilled a long dream and swam w/the dolphins! It was one of our most memorable vacation days…the dolphins didn’t mind the rain at all!

  • We went on our tour on our ATV’s over and through the jungle, ended up at the beach and loved every minute of it. It was pouring!!! What fun, will be back there next month!!

  • We were in Cozumel that day too but on the Oasis, we had booked a jeep trip that took us to the South of the Island where it was nice and warm and sunny, our trip leader had said no rain was expected!! later as we headed back to the port we also hit the rain at around 2pm, finally at around 2-45pm the rain stopped and the sun shone. That came on the Heels of the Thunderstorm we went through after leaving Labadee.

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