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Where are we? Guess right and win.

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Photo by Gerard Viardin

A big topic of discussion within the cruise industry these days is concern about Mediterranean congestion. Cruise lines may not want you to know how very clogged some, or rather most, Mediterranean port cities can be in high summer. Have you ever boarded a late afternoon train from Rome to its port of Civitavecchia at the same time as thousands of passengers from your ship — and four others – who are also cramming on to make it back to the ship before sailaway? Or plodded through Pompeii with wave after wave of cruisers on half-day tours? Nasty.)

Lines are scouring coastal ports to find alternatives. The port of call in this photo is one that hasn’t been on the cruise radar until recently.

Where is it?

First person to tell us correctly which Mediterranean city (and country) this is wins Cruise Critic swag. And there’s a bonus: Beyond correctly identifying this locale, the person who tells us the three best reasons to book an itinerary that calls here also gets a prize. (Note: the prize for the first question will be awarded to the first accurate answer. The second? Winner will be chosen by Cruise Critic editors.

Contest closed.

Want to know the answer? Get it here along with a full breakdown of all the best answers.


  • Toulon (Provence), France

  • Lynda Flood

    I hope this is how you enter. I say Lisbon, Portugal. Is is the only capital city on the Atlanta coast and is one of the oldest cities in the world. St. George castle stands 360 feet high and offers a wonderful view of Lisbon and its suburbs.

  • Lars Hekland

    The port is Port-Vendres, France. 3 of the things to do there – 1) eat seafood at local restaurants 2) boat tours and open sea fishing 3) The Charles Rennie Mackintosh (painter) tour of locations depicted in his watercolors

  • Marie-Claude Dessureault

    I’m guessing Cartagena, Spain.

    3 reasons:

    – Churros and Hot chocolate!!!
    – Discovering the deep history and architecture of this important historical city
    – Walking through the Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova in the middle of the city!!!


  • Lesley Harris

    We think it’s La Spezia, Italy
    Near to Florence, less crowded roads than from Livorno, also nearer to Genoa and the Chianti trail
    There is also a naval school/ of interest at La Spezia

  • Philip Harris

    I think it is Genoa (Genova) Italy
    It is the home of delicious Pesto!
    There is a lot to see in the port town, including 16th c Palaces
    It is a seaside resort in its own right
    Good transport links by road, rail and air

  • Philip Harris

    Could it be San Remo in Italy

  • Croatia

  • Andy Showen

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Gulbenkian museum

    Monastery of St Jerome (World Heritage site)

  • Cynthia Pratt

    I think it’s Malaga, Spain.

    Best reasons to go:


    Alacazabar Moorish Castle

    The beautiful Costa Del Sol is all around you and train travel to any of the charming seaside towns is a snap.

  • Joan Bailey

    I believe that this relatively new port is Malaga, Spain.

  • corsica france


    palma in majorca

  • Napoli, Italia.
    Bubbling volcano; cinematic history; real seafarers port

  • Sharon Clarke

    Ajaccio, Corsica?

    Napoleon Museum/House where he was born – if you’re in port on Bastille Day, 4th July, you get treated to free Carnival/Fireworks

    The heady smell of the maquis

    It’s easily explored on foot and there’s lots of interesting shops and nice restaurants reminiscent if the South of France.

  • I think this is supposed to be Lisbon, Portugal, but the picture is taken from and is most of Almada/Alfreite, Portugal so I’m going with that answer. BTW, being that Lisbon is not in the Mediterranean, how is it a new Mediterranean city?

  • Nobody ever wins these contests – lol

  • John Adshead

    Answer: Lisbon Portugal

  • Barcelona?

  • frank Martin

    I think it is Treiste,Italy.

  • Howard Goodman

    Toulon, France.

  • Susan Baines

    Seville. A new port because the river is navigable for cruise ships. Cathedral, Jerez bodegas and gardens of Maria Luisa

  • Susan Baines

    I forgot to add that Seville is in Spain.

  • I think it is Toulon, France.


    Porquerolles and Hyéres Islands

    Saint Tropez

    Saint Maximine – La Sainte Baume

  • After looking over the tiny details of the photo and researching the numbers on the sides of the military ships, and looking up the schedules of any Voyager Class vessels from this month I have come to the conclusion this is Toulon, France.
    When you book a cruise most of the time you look for one with exciting ports that have a rich and vibrate culture. These always seem to be the popular ones such as Rome, Venice, or Monte Carlo. But when you see a cruise that has ports such as Toulon, it makes it special. It turns your normal Mediterranean adventure in to one that is unique to you and is not shared by 8,000 others. The people in these towns seem to be much more down to earth. When you go to the standard ports you will find overpriced t-shirts that say “Look Mum, I’ve been to Italy!”. Instead at these stops you get to enjoy what the culture and the people have to offer. You get the real deal.

  • Toulon, France. You can get a tour of the naval base, go to the beach, shop at the market, attend a rugby match and have wonderful Moules-Frites. All on the same day if you wish. Not to mention the best of the Provence region within striking distance. In what other Med port can you do all those things!

  • This is definitely Malaga. I recognize Corrida de Toros en la Plaza de la Malagueta ( The Bull Ring ).

  • Iain McArthur

    I think it is Malaga, Spain. Best reasons to visit-
    Great weather
    Moorish castle
    Historic old city


    the answer to where are we in port is Cadiz Spain

  • Lee Stannard

    Cadiz, Spain.

  • OK, so if the destination with the most votes were to win (and not necessarily), it would appear that this port is … Malaga. But is it? Are you sure? Take another look….

  • Chris Wilson

    This is definitely malaga, spain – you can see the bull ring in the fore ground – and I was there last week…..

  • leeann sheridan

    The port is Malaga. I was there last year, and myself, partner and daughter climbed to the top of the hillside where the castle stands, we have almost identical pictures of those you’ve used.

  • Jaime Pérez Sánchez

    Cagliari, cerdeña (Italy)

  • Toulon France… 3 quick reasons…. Royal Caribbean Cruise line is wonderful cruise line, stops in Toulon. One can see the southern coast of France, Spain and Italy all in the same cruise. Views of the sea and port are breathtaking from the heights of Toulon.

  • Joanne Anley

    La Seyne-sur-Mer for Provence (Toulon), France

  • The port looks like Le Havre , France to me i was there a couple of weeks ago.

  • Mark Brennan


  • Valencia in Spain

  • Photo by Gerard Viardin
    Toulon, France.

  • Time’s up, game’s over and the port in question is…France’s Toulon. Thanks to Ka-Heng LEUNG — our first respondent, who named it. And prizes also go to Christine Sanchez, Glen, and Eddie Marshall, whose evocative posts made us want to catch the first ship to Toulon.

    More details about the contest and responses are here: http://bit.ly/mdpXqR.

    And if Ka-Heng, Christine, Glen and Eddie could drop an email to Jamey@cruisecritic.co.uk with their mailing info, we’ll send out their prizes.

  • Toulon, France

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