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Quiz: Name these ships

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Saturday's Southampton Quiz

It’s a great day on Grand Princess in Southampton. Which other two cruise ships are in port with us? And for a bonus: Also in photo — vessels from a ferry line and a cargo shipper (to name the latter think of a Royal connotation). Name those too. Quiz ends Monday, 10 a.m. BST.

Follow along with us all this week as we cruise on Grand Princess to ports such as Guernsey, Brest, Vigo and Lisbon (click on “Grand Princess” category below to read all related posts).



  • celebrity eclipse and a R class, no idea who owns it now

  • Sandra Gudynas

    Celebrity Eclipse & Aurora

  • Adonia, Eclipse, Red Falcon and Grande Portogallo (I think!!). Aurora was also just to the right of your photo on the Ocean Terminal. Thats my Sunday morning geek moment over!!

  • Eddie Marshall

    The cruise ships are Adonia and Celebrity Eclipse. I’d guess the ferry is Red Eagle and the cargo ship is Grande Portogallo (the Royal connection being to it’s partial namesake Grand Princess).

  • Ben Montgomery

    Grand Princess
    Celebrity Eclipse
    Red Funnel Ferries
    Grimaldi Line (Cargo)

  • Lynda Robinson

    Celebrity Eclipse
    P&O new ship Adonia
    Red Funnel Ferry
    Grande Portogallo Cargo Ship

  • Hi there,
    The two cruise ships in the photograph are Celebrity Eclipse and P &O’s newly named Adonia. To the left of Celebrity Eclipse is Gramaldi Lines car carrier Grande Portogallo. The ferry in the picture is a Red Funnel, Isle of Wight Ferry but unfortunately I cannot tell you which one from this photograph.

    Best regards, Brian.

  • Trina Seymour

    P&O Adonia and Celebrity Eclipse

  • P&O Adonia Cruise Western Mediterranean
    X Celebrity eclipse
    Grimaldi lines Ferries

  • P&O Adonia western Mediterranean
    X Celebrity eclipse
    Grimaldi lines Ferries

  • Ah but you’ve all missed the all important dredger to the left of the picture!!! Without these craft the ships wouldn’t get to their berths.

    The Norstone is it’s name.

  • Susan Willis

    Grand Princess, Eclipse, Adonia, Red Funnel, Grande Portogallo

  • Here are some photos of the ships that left Southampton that night, the 21st, taken from Calshot


    including the Grand Princess:


  • Who ever took the photo on the 22nd May could have got the Queen Victoria in . She was in Southampton also !

    • Paul, Queen Victoria was not in Southampton Sunday.


      • The Queen Victoria was in Southampton on Sunday. She was at the Ocean Terminal and you can just see the top of it when you enlarge the photo.

        I sail with Cunard and check the webcams every day. I also checked out Southampton VTS cruiseship schedule and Southampton AIS live on Sunday and her name appeared on both those. I also have Cunard brochures and they all check out..

        • Arrrgghhhh. Totally my mistake, Ray. Having calendar confusion. We were in Southampton Saturday, so the photo’s from Saturday. Probably not at all helpful to you that not only was the caption wrong, but also Adonia itself was in both days. My apologies.


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