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Grand Princess: Aft impressions

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The New Grand Princess

Grand Princess has always been rather unusual in that it has a string of four pools along across its sundeck rather than the usual three. The last, lying at the back of the ship and, until its recent refurbishment was trapped under the shadows of the mighty maw of Skywalkers, its ungainly disco, was an afterthought for most passengers.

On an incredibly gorgeous day at sea, when the dreaded and oft-rambunctious Bay of Biscay has decided to let us have our fun, it’s the most serene and beautiful spot outdoors. There’s no shadow, of course; two cozy decks of chaises, hard-by-the-rail, offer clear access to the sea and sky (the nicest of these isn’t actually lying poolside but on the sports deck, on 16, with a pair of roomy whirlpools and a bar just off to the side).

Tell us: Princess hasn't yet finished with this glorious, deck 17, aft-facing space. What's it meant to be? And one more thing: If you could decide what to do with the space, complete with fantastic terrace, what would you have it be?

One of the nicest areas of all up here isn’t actually finished. Note the grand terrace, overlooking the wake, of this private area and tell us two things: What’s it meant to be when it’s done? And what would you like it be?

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  • I think it should be a night club for ballroom dancers. A big band at night, the doors open to the breeze, dancing under the stars. They used to wrap the railings and lamp posts in palm fronds on the lido deck of the Sitmar ships and have night time tropic nights under the stars. Just magical. Princess could make this an elegant champagne bar with dancing at night (and the occasional afternoon tea dance when its not to hot). By day, a gracious room for those who aren’t sun bunnies, but like being outside.

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