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On Grand Princess, we forgot one thing

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At our sailaway from Spain's Vigo, Grand Princess passengers rock to the tune of Rule Britannia

For all the chatter on Cruise Critic over the past week about the transformation of Grand Princess, we forgot to tell you one thing. Sure, the new piazza’s great, the pizza’s delicious and the sleek new nightclub — premiered last night, we’ve got great photos — are all well and good. But in the end, refurbishment or not, a cruise boils down to this: It’s tremendous fun.

This afternoon, as we pulled away from Spain’s Vigo, a festive going away party was both patriotic and raucous (we’ve got gorgeous video of passengers, filling the sundeck, singing “Rule Britannia” and waving flags — we’ll put it up when we get onto land as it’s too big to send from here).


Want first-hand reports on the changes Grand Princess made during the refurb?
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  • Thanks for taking us along with your cruise on the “new” Grand Princess. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

    I am eager to hear about the changes to the kids club and the “fun” they kiddies will be having (most specifically the splash pool.) I watched the videos of the refurb and they said they were replacing the pool, and would like to know what the new area looks like.

    Thanks again!

  • Sailing on the Grand Princess tomorrow to Norway from Southampton as a family of four – really looking forward to it – it is the most luxurious cruise ship we have cruised on so far!

    • Hope you have a marvelous time. Happy for you to be facing a trip; sad for me because mine’s almost over!


    • Hi all i have just got back from a 7day cruise on the grand princess, i am sorry to say that she is not grand at all. be aware of the aft cabins the noise and vibration from the engine is awful. the ship has not had a full refit just 2 areas. the carpets in the cabins and some hall ways was comming away and or fraying. the lifts work on and off that is if you can even get one to go in the right direction ie up or down. the food in the horizon court is well lets just say dont bother. the main Restaurants the food was very good but very repartive. the staff as always second to none. i think the ship needs a full refurb, i have heard a rummor that princess may be selling her one, not sure if there is any truth in that. i do advise that you think long and hard before sailing from southampton the bay of biscay is awful.

      • Totally agree about the ship, was thinking of going on this ship again in September but not now.
        No problem about sailing from Southampton.

  • sue – having read your review of the 5/21 sailing, be happy you weren’t on the 5/5 crossing from FLL.

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