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On ships, it all comes down to the crew. Doesn’t it?

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47 Seabourn crew members comprise the line's ship launch team

47 Seabourn crew members comprise the line's ship launch team

I’m curious: When making your choice of a cruise (ship, destination, and/or cruise line) does the quality of the vessel’s crew have any bearing on which you choose? On Seabourn Quest this morning, on the second of three pre-inaugural shakedown cruises, I was amazed at how many crew members greeted me with comments like — “welcome back,” or “how have you been since Sojourn?”  [I cruised on that Seabourn ship last fall.]

Beyond the fact that I find it amazing talent that these onboard staffers have such a great memory for names and faces (and I was told last year that Seabourn, on each ship, sends out head shots of all passengers so crew can greet them warmly), it’s a great feeling to be remembered. And a nice chunk of the five stars Seabourn cruises often warrant on both member and professional reviews on Cruise Critic, has to do with its simply amazing staff, which at this point I’d rate superior to any other luxury line.

At a press conference this morning onboard Seabourn Quest, the line’s newest ship, Rick Meadows, the line’s chief, showed a photo taken the other day of the 47 crew members who’ve presided (or more properly beavered through) the opening of the fleet’s three new vessels. Seeing such loyalty, commitment, and great smiles was a highlight of the moment but certainly, on this shake-down cruise, not by any stretch the only highlight of a three day cruise whose only significant flaw is the fact that it’s already almost over.

So back to my original question: Are there crew members you wouldn’t cruise without?


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  • Jean Morgan

    I would not like to cruise on a ship that didn’t have the required persons to navigate the ship safely.

  • We would sail with any crew from NCL see this video:


    • w cruickshank

      Well if you believe this video …I don’t my experience was once only and never again. Decks with no spare deck chairs and kids running wild..try getting a decent swim in the pools..Drinks cost more than any Princess ship .Bill C

  • Oh yes, and I wouldn’t like to sail on a ship that was made of flour and eggs

  • Lillian Fiedel

    The most important thing!!! We repeat the same
    cruises time after time because of the CREW!!!!!Oasis 11 times Freedom 17 times and all because of the specific crew members ie Cruise Director, Maitre D waitstaff, room attendents concierges etc.

  • Yes, most definitely. While I love to meet new crew members it is always nice to see those familiar faces and catch up with them. Many of them are like family to me.

  • w cruickshank

    Swan Hellinic the old Minerva 2 had the very best of everything our Steward from the Philopines was so very kind to my wife when she was ill checking on how she was on a regular basis.
    Now Minerva is with P & O next year we will see how she is under P & O.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with the comments in the above article.After more than 20 cruises with lines like RCCL, NCL and Celebrity we decided to try a luxury cruise and last November sailed aboard Seabourn Odyssey. We were greeted as warmly as if we had been repeat customers and by the second afternoon Marla Sanders the Social Hostess came to chat during afternoon tea and greeted us by name. That evening we dined with the Cruise Director Handre Potgieter, having received our invitation the previous day, and thereafter were treated like old friends. All the staff seemed to enjoy taking the time to make one feel really welcome and it was obvious they enjoyed their jobs. Nothing was too much trouble; just ask for something and it was there. The highlight was on the final morning when Capt. Thue-Nilsen stood on a windy dock in Athens, shaking hands with every passenger as they left the ship. How’s that for dedication?

  • Discovered the fantastic crew’s of Seabourn many years ago and have cruised with them on lots of occasions. Crew members instantly recognise you if they have been on previous voyages with you but its amazing how new members soon become firm friends.
    I did get worried when the new bigger ships were intoduced that some of this may be lost. I need not have this is Seabourn where quality and sevice counts and everything on the bigger ships is equaly as good as the smaller ships in the fleet. Beware of saying you like somthing or requesting somthing special. The Seabourn data base (Big Brother) is watching and on repeat cruises you will find that information is know alongside your favoured tipple.
    Welcome to the Seabourn Family. Why would you cruise with anyone elce

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