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Watch this, feel fabulous

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As Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess pulled out of Vigo a few weeks back, the ship’s entertainment staff planned a full-on British-themed sailaway (easily 80 percent of passengers were Brits). It was a great party, moving and boisterous at the same time. This, we heard people say over and over again, is one reason why cruising can be such a memorable holiday.


  • I’m from the USA and I just LOVED this. I would have been right there with the Brits singing along! :-)

  • P&O takes a lot of beating with their sailaway parties especially the Great British sailaway. I suppose as Princess are also owned by Carnival they’ve picked up a few tips from P&O on keeping us Brits happy. So do they do proper bacon for breakfast yet?

  • cruisecriticuk

    Thanks, Jeff. As a fellow American, I loved it too. I was there and I still can’t help myself rewinding the video and running it again. It was such a great moment.

    And yet, I can’t imagine having this experience on a Princess cruise out of the Caribbean, with all and sundry singing the Star Spangled Banner, can you?

  • When we sailed out of Manhattan on QE2 a few years back, the ship fell silent as we passed Ground Zero. I sensed that everyone would have liked to sing God Bless America if only someone had started first.

  • DontStopBelievin

    This is exactly why we would NOT cruise out of Southampton to the Med. Full of Brits in Union Jack Boxer Shorts and Tattoos. Princess have just alienated all the Scots who would have hated every moment of this.

    • Dennis Thompson

      Why would Scots feel alienated? After all,they are British and the Saltire is part of the Union flag (the blue and white bits for those who don’t know).

  • Very very nice video and thanks for sharing it..

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