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Remember Grand Princess, 1998 trivia, and a free cruise?

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The new Grand Princess! It's actually quite rare for a cruise line to alter the structure of a ship during a refurbishment. Changing things around inside? Not so rare.

In honor of Princess Cruises’ massive transformation of its Grand Princess in May, our 1998 trivia contest promised a free Europe cruise to one winner. And now we’ve got him! Gilmour Callender, of North Lanarkshire, was chosen randomly from all players who’d answered a question correctly.

The contest, which we held in conjunction with the ship’s re-launch and our live coverage from onboard Grand Princess, asked a number of questions about events that occurred in 1998. The easiest?

If you got the answer wrong to “this iconic nightclub was sliced off during Grand Princess’ recent makeover” (answer: Skywalker’s), you just weren’t paying attention. And “a new currency was agreed upon for Europe in 1998. What was it called?” was another pretty easy one.

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Some were more headscratching than others. “Which country did the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana International represent” separated the real experts (or the very talented Googlers) from the dilettantes.

Congrats to Gilmour for winning a Norwegian fjords cruise and stay tuned for our fresh look at Grand Princess.

And for the rest of you, thanks for playing, and a new challenge: What kind of contest would you like us to do next? Could be one focusing on a cruise region (the Canaries, the Med., etc.), or on a particular ship, like the new Celebrity Silhouette, that’s launching this week. The best idea we hear — may actually become a reality so dream away, and tell us.


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  • Cheryl Jones

    As an unsuccessful entrant in the Grand Princess Contest, my optimism is still high that one day I may win. I think new ships always cause so much excitement. I would love to win a cruise on Celebrity Silhouette – WOW she looks amazing. I would love to see the art gallery and the tree house.
    So my suggestion is for a competition to win a cruise on a brand new ship. It would be wonderful if there was a competiton for a cruise for a family and not just two people.

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