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Deal of the Week: No Solo Supplements with Hurtigruten

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Hurtigruten is extending its no solo supplements offer on selected Northern Lights cruises until mid-April next year.

The offer is applicable on its six-, 11- and 12-night Northern Lights cruises and saves up to £378 off the brochure price.

The cruises are:

Classic Round Voyage – from £1,177pp  – A 12-day voyage from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes by the Russian border and back again.

Norwegian Discovery Voyage – from £990 – An 11-day voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes and then down to Trondheim.

Voyage South – from £756pp – This six-day voyage south starts in Kirkenes and travels down the coast to Bergen in the south.

NB Flights are extra on all the cruises.

The Northern Lights have been particularly active this year due to increased solar activity and are predicted to stay that way into next year.

Seeing the Northern Lights from a ship – with no extraneous light pollution – is one of the best ways to see this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

For more details visit www.hurtigruten.co.uk or call 0844 448 7601.

Small Print: All offers and prices are subject to change and availability at time of enquiry.

–Adam Coulter

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  • Warning! Warning! Warning to all potential passengers planning to book a cabin on the Cruise and Maritime Voyages – Marco Polo.
    Please read the following passengers reviews:-

    Ann Mobley said:
    We were on the stricken ship last week,it became a bit of a nightmare when we were being told different things by the day. First we were given the go ahead from Sortland to Stavanger which had a dry dock, and from there we would be flown home, with assurances that the safety of passengers was paramount. Then less than 24 hours later we were told that Stavanger could not take us and we would miss our next destination (that was accepted by all passengers). Then we we were informed that a compensation package had been drawn up, (that again was accepted by passengers who thought we were heading to Bergen)only to be told after another day on board we were heading for Antwerp (Belgium ) to a dry dock that would accept the ship. This was when passengers became angry as it seemed like a cost cutting decision made by CMV…the rest was a nightmare journey back to Tilbury via the tunnel. All in all our journey from Belgium to home took over 12 hours. The crew tried to make everyone happy, a thankless task when after all five days of our fourteen day cruise was spent drifting around in what seemed like no mans land. Fortunately the trip had been booked to see the northern lights and this we managed to do. (Amazing experience )
    March 16, 2013 3:50 PM
    Pam and Les said:
    We, too, were on the ‘stricken’ MV Marco Polo – 28th Feb until 14th March 2013.
    The main issue for us was, lack of, and conflicting information given by both the Captain, and the ship’s guest service manager, Rhys Davies.
    The ship had left the Sortland port at 7pm and sailed for 2hours before the announcement was given at 9pm, that we were returning to the port as we had hit an uncharted object and sustained damage. We didnt know we were already nearly back at the port when the announcement was given so did panic a bit!!
    We were just eating our dinner and could only see the sea out of the window so were very anxious about a 2 hr trip back with a hole in the bow. Another diner went to see what was happening and returned with the news that the lower decks and lift were roped off.
    We felt the company was only interested in their own interests and not the passengers. After emergency repairs were carried we were told we would miss next port and go on to Bergen. Later on they told us we were going to Stavanger where we would be flown home.
    We waited at sea for a day and half, out side the port, only to be told the dry dock wasn’t big enough for the draft of the ship, which seemed incredible for them to take so long to find that out, when we could find the info on a mobile phone.
    Some time later, we informed that we were going to the port of Antwerp, where we would return to the UK via a eurotunnel train.
    As a result of all the delays and inconvenience, we spent 5 days at sea with not a lot to do which is another story.
    March 19, 2013 10:14 PM

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