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8-year-old complains to Disney Cruise Lines: “No boy characters on the ship.”

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Poor Ethan. Paid good money (well, his parents did) for “the Disney experience” on a Disney Cruise, and all he got was a bunch of lousy princesses flitting about. Sure, it’s great for the girls, but come on!

I mean, you sign on for a cruise on Disney Dream, and you expect to see some princes. Aladdin would be best, of course. Or Eric. At the very least, Prince Charming (Yuck. Romance. So gross.) could have showed up.

But no. Not even “Mr. Romance” bothered to grace the ship with his presence. No Beast (Prince Adam); no Prince Naveen, even. And Jack Sparrow? Too busy raiding, plundering and pirating, of course.

Here’s what Ethan had to say to Disney’s complaints department. (You can see his original letter at right.)

Dear Disney Cruise line,

My name is Ethan, I am 8 years old. I just got back from a trip on the Disney Dream. I had a pretty good time, but it could have been better. I wish I could have met some princes like Aladdin, or Eric, but there were no boy characters on the ship. I would also like to meet Jack Sparrow. It made me a little sad. I complained a lot. I’m not sure we’ll go on another cruise again. I hope that you’ll make a change so that other little boys can meet the guys they think are cool.



Now, before you say, “But what about Mickey? Or Donald?” Those … animals … are NOT princes. And I’m pretty sure they are not counted among the “guys” little boys think are cool.

As ls1z28chris pointed out on Reddit.com, where Ethan’s letter has become something of an internet sensation: “Even if Mickey is on the boat, his complaint remains legitimate. Girls get princesses. He settles for anthropomorphic ducks … Not exactly the same thing.”

Happy Friday.

–Jamey Bergman

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  • Hi, so what is Disney’s response

  • Good for you Ethan!!! Stand up for what you believe in!!!

  • A very valid complaint. Not only on the cruise ships but also in the parks sometimes. Many princesses, but come on Disney start to think about all the little boys that visit also.

  • Give me a break what does he want another free trip. Disney has lots of “boy” charaters…. Buggys bunny, Micky, all those cartoon cartoon charaters. they male ones out number the girl ones. You have to find them. they not waiting for you to come see you. Your not the only child on board maybe if they ASKED where his favorite charscter would be at a certain time he would have seen him.

  • It’s quite unfair about inequality of genders: Disney Industry tends to focus on female characters (sexism?). Ethan has the right to complain because it ought to be more equal and give the chance to fulfill kids’ hopes & dreams. Prince Eric is my favourite one, If I were on that Disney trip I would want to meet him because is pretty cool… and I’m also a boy ;-)

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