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10 silliest cruise complaints?

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To our list of silly questions and unbelievable complaints, we add these.

An independent online cruising travel agency, www.bonvoyage.co.uk, has revealed some of the quirkiest complaints it has received from cruise holidaymakers over the last year — including the “sea being too loud” and a ship that refused to wait two hours for a couple who’d decided to take a little longer than planned in port.


And now, for your reading entertainment, here are 10 very silly complaints. Enjoy.

  1.  The first comes from a woman on a Mediterranean cruise. She complained about the sea being too loud, claiming it had prevented her from having a decent night’s sleep during her holiday onboard. She also suggested that the cabins be “better sound-proofed against the sounds of the sea.”
  2. A gentleman on a two-week Caribbean honeymoon cruise with his wife complained about the lack of ceremony accorded the couple’s newlywed status. He expected the staff onboard to dress their cabin in white, strew rose petals for them each morning and deliver champagne and strawberries each day via a private butler. The grousing groom admitted that he didn’t request the measures in question, but expected the staff to know the couple were just married and offer special treatment accordingly, at no extra cost.
  3. A woman on a cruise departing from Southampton informed the travel agency that she had been forced to reschedule her cruise holiday after failing to bring her passport with her when she turned up to board the ship. She believed she only needed her passport when going on a fly-cruise, and blamed the cruise company for not texting her the day before to remind her to take the document.
  4. A couple on a Mediterranean cruise complained about their captain being “rude” and selfishly failing to comply with their plans, despite them leaving him a detailed note. The couple left the note for the Captain in the morning to let him know they would be returning to the ship two hours later than the planned departure time due to having “too much to do in-port,” but the Captain chose not to wait, departing as scheduled. The couple were forced to catch up with the ship at its next port stop the following day — and wanted compensation for their accrued travel costs.
  5. A young woman on a Hawaiian cruise contacted the customer service department and demanded to know why she didn’t see Gary Barlow on her cruise. She explained that she had “heard that Gary Barlow was once on the same cruise” and that she expected to see him on her cruise, as well.
  6. A man who voyaged on a summer cruise around Alaska complained about the weather: It wasn’t as warm as he’d expected. According to the disgruntled passenger, “all cruises are meant to be hot.” The man then demanded compensation for having to buy warmer clothing — as he “had only packed minimal clothing for the expected hot weather” — explaining that his expectations of being able to swim in the swimming pool each day and “get an impressive tan” had not been met.
  7. An elderly couple who went on a cruise around France and Spain asked for a full refund because the team onboard did not provide them with a packed lunch each day, after arriving in port, to take with them when leaving the ship.
  8. A woman on a Celebrity Cruises ship asked for a full refund in June last year, simply because she didn’t see any celebrities onboard. According to her comments, the company was guilty of false advertising due to the lack of actual celebrities on the ship.
  9. A couple from Yorkshire contacted their travel agency to complain about the kindness of the staff onboard their cruise in October, explaining that they had to spend “a lot more money than planned in tips due to the excellent service.” The couple were seeking some compensation for the cost of the tips given out.
  10. And finally … in January this year a woman called to express her disappointment with her inside cabin not having a window to the sea. Furthermore, she said, she couldn’t understand why nobody onboard was able to install a window for her so she could enjoy the view, and she expected better service next time.

Think you have a silly complaint story to top these? Tell us by commenting below.

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  • A complaint heard on the MSC Opera.
    After a session in the theatre regarding disembarkation extra questions were invited in private after the announcements. I queued up behind a couple and could not help but hear the husbands pressing question to a very patient staff member. His question was “I paid the same money as everyone else so why didn’t the ship provide all publications in my native language. The staff member replied that they gave all announcements in six different languages and pointed out that the person making the complaint could speak perfect English and French so what language did he want it in. He said “Flemish.”

    • Cecile Desair

      I am sorry but, you should not be in the customer service business if you cannot turn a complaint into a positive experience for both of you. Flemish and Dutch people speak NL. Maybe you wrote Dutch as the language on your brochure and failed to write Dutch/ Flemish. I do not know. NL would have been the correct way to write . If you only wrote Dutch, he has the right to complaint. Dutch people would have been upset if you would have written Flemish as language.

  • I know of one couple that wanted their money back from a Disney cruise because their travel agent never told them that children would be on board.

  • It is astonishing at how eccentric some complaints can be. I have cruised 10+ times over the last several years and at the end of the day you just have to laugh what you hear people complaining about at the guest relations desk. I really do feel sorry for the Guest Relations Crew Members . . . If I didn’t laugh, I think i would cry!

  • Haha – love those! The Celebrity one is definitely the best!

  • Jim Crawford

    During a 2009 cruise on Royal Carribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, my family did an excursion in Samana, Domincan Republic – a boat tour of Los Haitises and other sites. For most of the excursion, another couple chatted up the tour guide, talking about how beautiful the area was, how much they were enjoying the tour, and even asking how they might retire to the DR. It was a non-stop, sycophantic, love-fest. As they departed the boat, the couple wrung the hand of the tour guide and assured her they would recommend the excursion to their friends. Ten minutes later, I see the woman at guest services, demanding a refund for the excursion, complaining that it was not at all what she expected.

  • catherine skrinak

    some of these uppity, arrogant, self centered people people make me laugh. LOL

  • And if you believe that’s real…

    File this one with the cruise director’s “Top Ten” lists and the “actual airline customer service questions from congress” here: http://www.snopes.com/travel/trap/congress.asp

    • It doesn’t say the statements themselves are fake. It says the statements weren’t made by congressmen, as originally claimed.

  • Where do these people come from???? Really????

  • Not a complaint but still funny. On a Princess cruise calling in at Newcastle UK, the night before docking all passengers were provided with a map of Newcastle in the daily onboard newspaper. In port a lot of passengers struggled especially the Americans as the map placed Newcastle in the South Pacific and nobody had realised the map was of Newcastle Australia and not Newcastle UK, it was even funnier watching the locals reaction when shown the map and asked for diretions

  • I had a couple disappointed when they booked an ocean view cabin on the bottom deck. They had expected to see fish swimming outside their window and were disappointed to only see the ocean. I guess they thought they were booking the “aquarium cruise”.

  • I must admit, reading this did give me a little bit of a giggle!!
    What do people expect when they go on cruises, really? Captains and staff to be mind readers?!?

    Number 2 is particularly amusing; what a selfish, arrogant man!! If he wanted the luxury he should have arranged it!! Staff on cruise ships (in my experience) work very hard, and I hope they have read this and got a good laugh about it!!

    People really will complain about anything!

  • OMG! Too funny!! I’ve cruised many times and it’s almost sad to think there are people out there cruising with that mentality.

    I actually think a comedian should take these funny/stupid complaints and add it to their repertoire while performing and I’m sure they would be a hit.

    Thanks for the laughs!!!!

  • On a recent cruise to the Amazon in January the comedian did mention various comments made by passengers and they did go down with a lot of laughter. Honestly what do people expect?

  • patricia allen

    We did a 6week Cruise to the Amazon.we were a thousand mile up the Amazon,and did a trip by local boat and a walk into the Jungle,
    When we returned to the ship a woman was complaining bitterly to reception about the Jungle NOT BEING WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY ??????

  • You're kidding

    Genuine complaint:

    Finally I am a professional entertainer and on the last night there was a talent competition which I thought I would enter as I loved the theatre on the ship and thought how much I would enjoy singing there, I rehearsed in the day time and on the night the cruise director introduced the acts 1 by 1 when it came to my turn I sang and the theatre erupted it was wonderful so much so that the audience shouted so much I had to sing it again. The following morning I passed the cruise director and he walked by me without even saying hi or any kind of recognition let alone a thank you.

  • Linda Leach

    After 41 cruises, I think the most unbelievable thing I’ve seen was the young lady on the Carnival Dream this past October. She printed a copy of her Sail and Sign statement the night before debarkation and the total was $2800. This was her first cruise and she thought cruises were all-inclusive, so she had been “buying” drinks for all her friends and others she had met on the ship. Hubby and I were sitting there with our jaws about on the floor listening to her rant and rave about how unfair this was. Didn’t she ever look at what she signed? Unreal.

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