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P&O couple shot on Barbados vow to continue travelling

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Despite being shot and then hospitalised during a port call in Barbados, two P&O Cruises passengers have said they will not be deterred from travelling in future.

Philip and Ann Prior, from Bedfield, Suffolk, were shot on the outskirts of the Barbadian capital of Bridgetown in March while travelling on a world cruise onboard P&O’s Adonia. The plucky couple recounted their harrowing tale to Suffolk newspaper, East Anglian Daily Times — after they had finished the remainder of their world cruise.

Both the Priors were shot during a robbery while on their way back to the P&O ship from a Commonwealth Day service at Bridgetown’s St Michael’s Cathedral.

Ann, 59, whose bag was stolen in the attack, remained in hospital for two days and was treated for a gunshot wound to her right leg. Her husband, 72-year-old Phillip, was kept under observation for an additional day as doctors were unable to remove a bullet from his right thigh.

Mr. Prior told the local paper: “I heard my wife shout and turned immediately. Within seconds I felt a pain … and saw that she was clearly injured and bleeding profusely. Two or three people came to our aid and hailed passing cars to contact the emergency services.”

According to police reports the attacker fled the scene with the woman’s handbag before the police arrived. Passers-by rushed to the couple’s aid, using towels as bandages, until an ambulance arrived. The pair was taken to the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where they were later met by detectives, along with the British High Commissioner and the local P&O port agent.

Amazingly, upon being released from hospital, the couple chose to rejoin their cruise rather than fly home.

Mr. Prior told the paper there were two reasons why they decided against an immediate return to the U.K.: They would rather recuperate on the ship, and Mrs. Prior “doesn’t like travelling by air.” Fortunately, for the couple, an anonymous benefactor appeared to help them catch up with the ship in style.

“We were visited by the minister for tourism and told that a kind philanthropist had contacted the port agent with an offer to fly us by private jet to St Kitts where we could join the ship,” Mr. Prior said in the interview.

“It hasn’t put us off travelling,” he continued. “These things happen — we just didn’t expect it to happen to us. There isn’t a place in the world where tourists aren’t affected by some adverse situation. We hope to be able to continue holiday-making and have plans in mind to go to Australia.”

Two men have been charged in the shooting, and as for the bullet lodged in Mr. Prior’s leg, he said his doctor will need to make some enquiries into the best methods for removal … “as it’s not something often come across in rural Suffolk.”

–Jamey Bergman

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  • I recently attended the Hurricane Conference in New Orelans, and spoke with an emergency management offical from Barbados. He said Barbados recently allowed 2-companies to accept gold for melting. He said they are putting out the word to all cruiselines for folks to NOT wear fancy jewelry while visiting the island.

  • We feel the same way as this couple. Stuff happens everywhere. This is something that could happen walking down any street any where. Are so glad this couple is not going to change their way of vacationing just because these jerks shot them.

  • We are so happy this couple was not seriously injured. We admire there tenacity of still travelling and not looking back. This is something that could of happened in any city, in any country, if the thief is out there, they are going to go for what they want. Best wishes to this couple. We hope they charge these men to the max, which hopefully will turn other thiefs off against robbing.

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