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Video: Royal Princess sails into Southampton

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To kick off a week of all things Royal Princess, we found this lovely video of the ship arriving in Southampton last Friday.

The ship will be docked in the port for most of the week, ahead of Thursday’s naming ceremony.

We’ll be getting onboard on tomorrow and giving you our first impressions and initial thoughts about the latest addition to the Princess fleet – so stay tuned for coverage on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

Then on Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge, in her last official engagement before she gives birth, will name the ship at 11.30am – and we will be covering the event live.

For those of you who have already seen the ship, please do send us your photos to the following address: editor@cruisecritic.co.uk.

And if you have any questions for us, please either add them to the end of this piece in the Comments section or visit the Cruise Critic Message Boards – where there’s a lot of chat going on about the new ship.

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  • when I saw the video of the royal princess coming into southampton
    port my first thought was that it was a prison ship coming to collect
    prisoners for deportation, My wife and I have been on a few cruises namely [oceon village] [thomsons ][ my travel] and the greek/cyprus
    lewis lines cruiser princesser victoria
    we aim to go on another cruise some time in the near future but I am not to sure about booking on the royal princess as I do not like the look of it but then I would like to see whats on the inside of her but first impressions !!

  • pat paidoussis

    Our very first cruise was on the old Royal Princess in 2005 from athens to cape town which became Artemis. It was the best we ever went on and my sister who was a stewardess on the old QE2 said she had never known anyone that didn’t have even a small complaint. We look forward to a cruise on the new ship.
    How wonderful Princess Kate naming it Our daughter is Catherine Elizabeth like her and even born 9th Jan. like her, but 1964 and I just found that out when coming off a cruise in southampton, buying a Hello mag. to read on the train and seeing it was Princess Kates birthday. Must be an Omen.

  • George Humphreys

    Where was this ship built.

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