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Silly Complaints: When bad weather makes grumpy cruisers

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I was sitting in a café on a beautiful day in Vienna back in August when a large gentleman sporting a river cruise line tour excursion sticker bellowed across the next table to anyone who would listen: “We’re never coming to Europe in summer again. It’s too hot. Vienna is too hot. And Venice smells.” I suggested they try a round-Britain cruise. “Always rains,” he sniffed.

Of course the elements won’t always behave as you want them to. At the tail end of each season, particularly, the weather can have its way, as passengers in Alaska found last week when ships had to skip both Ketchikan and Sitka.

But some cruisers just don’t get it. They don’t prepare for inclement weather and they won’t accept it when it comes, resulting in some very comical whinges. Cruise Critic member Lady_chew comments on the message boards of a recent trip to Alaska (a place of snowy mountains and glaciers, don’t forget) that she had encountered a 50-something lady shivering in shorts, complaining, “$*#@!! If I’d realised it was going to be so darn cold up here I would’ve brought some warmer clothes!”

In another complaint from Alaska, according to a list of silly cruise complaints issued by travel agency BonVoyage.co.uk, a male passenger demanded compensation for the warmer clothes he had to buy after failing to ‘get an impressive tan’ and being unable to ‘swim in the swimming pool each day’.

Member GulfCstLdy heard a classic weather whinge on a European voyage: “I hate this cruise. How come the Captain didn’t wait until it wasn’t foggy to go past Gibraltar? I was supposed to be able to see Europe and Africa at the same time!”

What’s a cruise line to do? Carnival’s blogging cruise director, John Heald, mentioned on his Facebook page that he’d come up against this problem of being unable to predict the weather only last week. A passenger had complained that Fun Times, the daily programme, had got the forecast wrong and was demanding complimentary laundry for her wet clothes.  Others were also up in arms because it had rained. Heald wrote on Facebook:

“Now, tomorrow in Le Havre, it is supposed to be 24 degrees and sunny but I am taking no chances. Here is what the guests have in their Fun Times for tomorrow:

Expected Weather:

Sun, cloud, heavy snow, thunderstorms, fog, mist, hail, lightning, hurricane strength winds, lunar eclipse, a plague of locusts.

High 112F

Low – Bloody Freezing”

Let’s hope the passengers saw the funny side.

Have you heard silly weather complaints on a cruise? Let us know.

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  • Geoff muller

    A cruise director told me
    A lady asked me once ,has this ship ever sunk, I said yes mam, if you look above your head you can still see the watermark,

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