19/12/2013...2:11 pm

Video: Another sneak peek inside Britannia

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P&O Cruises has released another teaser video about what we can expect onboard Britannia when it launches in 2015.

It is all still CGIs at this stage, but the video does give a good idea of what the public spaces including the Atrium and pool deck; and the cabins will look like.

We’re particularly impressed by the Oasis Spa. And of course the terrible ‘taches (but the less said about those the better).

Enjoy! – and do tell us what you’d like to see on the new ship in the comments below.

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  • All booked for 25th September 2015,keep looking at her progress looks lush,cant wait

  • Rosemary Ridge

    Certainly seems to have the ‘Wow’ factor. In fact looks awesome!

  • Roy Hardwick

    It looks very impressive, but why do we have to move away from the traditional inside cinema on board new ships to these useless ‘movies under the stars’ that you cannot see in the daytime due sunshine or have to sit there in the cold at night with a blanket around you. Also, why has P & O given up years of traddition by replacing the yellow funnels with blue ones.

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