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Poll: What type of cruise booker are you?

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When it comes to booking a cruise holiday, everyone has his or her own, individual planning style. Often cruise deals fall into one of two camps: The “Book in advance and save!” offers and the “You won’t want to miss this last-minute special!” offers, but we want to know what timeframe suits your cruise-booking style, so we’ve come up with a few categories to help you determine what kind of cruise booker you are.

Are you a super organiser? 

If planning a cruise involves years of preparation, a slide rule and a protractor, chances are you’ll fall into this category. You like that feeling of anticipating your holiday … for several years. Last-minute for you is booking a cruise less than 18 months in advance.

Are you an annual cruiser?

You, too, like to get in early. And you’re decisive, by gum. You pick your cruise holiday out a year in advance and book it 12 months out, come hell or high water!

Are you an “I’ll book ahead, but never leave it until the last minute” cruiser?

You won’t let yourself be pigeonholed. You like to look around for deals, and you’re decisive, but you’re not one to make a list-minute decision. Generally, you book your cruise several months out.

Are you a last-minute gambler?

You like to play the odds, let that cruise booking decision ride, and then strike when the iron (or cruise deal) is hot. You’re as at home with the “wait and see” approach as you are in a cruise ship casino. You believe there’s no better type of cruise deal than a last-minute, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants deal. You book your cruise holiday within weeks of the departure date.

And now that you know what type of cruise booker you are: Vote in our poll by clicking this link, or click on the image at right. Both will take you to our homepage, where you’ll find the poll in the right-hand column near the bottom of the page. It looks like the image at right. 

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