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Two ships caption contest: We have a winner.

By a margin of more than 34%, the clear winner in our caption contest, “Two ships passing in the … broad daylight?,” was the caption reminiscent of rear-view mirror warnings and Jurrasic Park movies, “Captain … It says, ‘If you can read this, you are too close.’” Indeed, objects in this photo may be closer […]


Caption contest winner: Ship within a ship

No, this isn’t a photo of a ship that’s being towed because of too many parking tickets or some species of marsupial river cruiser, this is actually AMAWaterways‘ AmaDagio being transported from its former home in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where it travelled the Rhine, Mosel and Danube to its new home in Marseille, France.


Corinth Canal caption contest: You pick the winner.

This was tough. Really tough.  Entries to our “Write a Caption Contest: Corinth Canal Contest” came fast and furiously and there were a lot of good ones to choose from. So we’re shirking our duties, and instead of picking a winner ourselves, we’re asking you to do the job for us. Have a look at […]