Cruises for Disabled Passengers

Cruising for Disabled Passengers

Cruises can be great vacations for disabled passengers. Travelers in wheelchairs or with other physical challenges, as well as people with medical conditions, can read about which ships are best for handling disabilities, what services cruise ships provide and what kind of pre-cruise preparation they should do.

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  • First let me say this was my first cruise so I didn't know what to expect. I am handicapped and rely on either a mobility scooter or a wheelchair with my wife pushing. Since this was my first cruise we opted for the wheelchair so that I could get ... Read more
  • Two couples on a family cruise
    We chose this cruise by the 4 of us collaborating on the places we like. We liked the cabins very much. Our steward, Alvin, was right on top of keeping us comfortable and he made an amazing towel animal every day. He let me keep one of them all ... Read more
  • The cruise from hell
    We were near getting caught in the cyclone, missed 2 ports and Fiordlands, fire on board, Dale got stuck in a life, the food was cold, the coffee colder, the cabin was as small as my spare room, the cabin steward didn't clean the shower in the 2 ... Read more
  • Amazing First Ever Cruise
    I retired early 5 years ago and had planned to cruise. A spinal failure/collapse placed me in bed 24/7 for close to four years. 3 Surgeries later and I could finally stand and sit for up to 40 minutes... and walk for up to 15 minutes. A implanted ... Read more
  • We chose this cruise in order to accompany relatives with special needs. One is a double amputee and the other has a hearing deficit. We were able to book an accessible cabin on this cruise at this time of the year, That is a rather difficult feat ... Read more
  • Never Again!!! NCL has gone downhill
    We are so disappointed in NCL. First they cut the cruise from 7 to 6 days, less than 2 weeks before embarkation. Promised to refund 1 day's cost. Have only received $10.87. Cancelled my shore excursions due to itinerary change. Have not ... Read more
  • My mom is disabled and this was her first cruise and last cruise with Norwegian. We experienced several issues on this cruise line. The first day they lost my luggage which didn't arrive to the room until 10 pm. When inquired about my luggage staff ... Read more