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8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Adventure of the Seas
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  • Day 1
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    San Juan
  • Day 5
    St. Maarten
  • Day 6
    St. Kitts
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  • Day 8
  • Day 9
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Adventure of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Newly installed FlowRiders and water slides are sure to please


Less than half of the cabins onboard have balconies

Bottom Line

A good choice for Southern Caribbean cruises requiring fewer at sea days

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: March 2019
Another great cruise on RCL. We had a four night dining package which may or may not have been excessive;) Kids liked Adventure Ocean and Optix, the teen club. Great service from all we encountered! I was worried we wouldn’t like this ... Read More
Another great cruise on RCL. We had a four night dining package which may or may not have been excessive;) Kids liked Adventure Ocean and Optix, the teen club. Great service from all we encountered! I was worried we wouldn’t like this ship as much after taking two trips on the Harmony but I was pleasantly surprised and reminded of why people sometimes choose smaller ships- ease of getting around! The pools were never too busy and the kids area wasn’t ever too crowded for my kids. They loved the flow rider and the water slides. I’m glad RCL has added those slides to even these smaller ships. This is the second time we have done this itinerary, four stops in a row with 8 days total. It’s my favorite... now we are ready to go longer than 8 days!! The food everywhere was great, in my opinion. The pastry chefs knew what they were doing! Chops Grille needs more kid friendly options for appetizers though. All the servers in the main dining room and specialty restaurants were so kind to my girls, it was very sweet. All in all I would 100% recommend this cruise to anyone. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2019
We vacationed on Adventure of the Seas as part of a Make A Wish experience and what an experience we had. The crew and the ship were nothing short of fantastic. My wife and I had been fortunate enough to go on 4 previous cruises and ... Read More
We vacationed on Adventure of the Seas as part of a Make A Wish experience and what an experience we had. The crew and the ship were nothing short of fantastic. My wife and I had been fortunate enough to go on 4 previous cruises and never had brought our 3 children. We are so happy that we were able to and that our kids were able to experience the Caribbean. Our handicapped son was also able to get around quite easily in his wheelchair and that was a relief. My wife had a handicapped accessible room (1814) and it met any requirement that was needed. Our 2 other children aged 10 and 12 had an absolute blast. They wore out the mini golf course on sea days and got to experience the huge waterslide and Flowrider as well. We were a bit worried they would be bored and they were far from that. There were always activities for them to do and they were very comfortable moving around the ship and going where they wanted to go. DINING - My wife typically took our two youngest to the Sapphire Restaurant for sit down dining and they raved about the experience. The food was quite good and the portions were perfect sized. I usually went to the Windjammer buffet area with our oldest, handicapped son (15) and it was very easy to navigate with him in his wheelchair. The food was great. I have absolutely zero complaints about it. Selection was great. If you are a Curry fan then you will be happy. Dessert selection looked great. Breakfast was awesome as well and make sure to get a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver from Howie as you enter the restaurant. He gets there around 7:30 am ENTERTAINMENT - We enjoyed a show at the ice rink and it was quite good as well. The skating was good and my oldest enjoys a lot of visual lights and there was plenty of that. The magician and other theater shows were well done as well and the children enjoyed them a lot and talked about them repeatedly. Highly recommend the ice show. SERVICE - Traveling with a handicapped son, SERVICE is very important to us. The Adventure of the Seas had tremendous service and the entire staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating with him. Again, there is nothing to complain about with the service. The Sky Bar staff is awesome as are the staff in all of the dining areas. PORTS.... GRAND CAYMAN - This was our first port and we were very excited to visit it. My wife and I had not been to Western Caribbean on previous cruises so this was on our bucket list. We did the Stingray Excursion and it was worth it. The only drawback was that the water was a little choppy and the crew of the excursion indicated it was not normal to have seas that choppy. That is being a little nit picky to complain about that. The excursion itself is pretty awesome. My family enjoyed it and it is quite an experience to be holding stingrays. The waves did make it difficult to get on the excursion boat though. By the end of it there were close to 50-100 swimming around and it was worth it. The port itself/town of Georgetown is really clean and nice. If shopping is your thing this is the place to go. It is a very busy place and people need to remember that. We ate a place called PARADISE and it was awesome. It sat on the water and the staff were awesome with our kids. Order the Conch salad or chowder. Super delicious. Another tidbit is you can snorkel right off the pier/main road of town. It is free and there were large fish swimming right there. Unfortunately we were too tired after lunch and did not, but there were 15-20 people and it is a big area. I wish we would have done that. COSTA MAYA- This port is designed for cruisers. It has a lot of shops. We ate lunch at a Taco Stand and it was good. Everything there is a little overpriced though. Keep that in mind. Apparently if you get out of the port there are some good excursions, but none of them were real great for a handicapped child. If it was just us as a couple, we definitely would have done an excursion. We spent a couple hours at the lazy river pool and ordered a couple "La Yardas" while the kids were in the lazy river and relaxed. Weather was great. We had no problem finding chairs or place to sit. The dolphin pool was fun to watch and sneak a couple of pictures if you can. Also, watch the "Birdmen" show. Definitely worth the time to do it. COZUMEL - This was our favorite port by far. We were there on a day that there were only 3 cruise ships total and the locals were saying it was common to get 6-9 ships on a given day. The terminal area is fun with shops, restaurants, etc.... One could literally spend the entire day just at that area, but I would not recommend that. We went to the main shopping area to grab souvenirs and ate at PANCHO's. Souvenirs at the main shopping area were a third of the price as in Costa Maya and seemed way, way more authentic. At PANCHO's we had a waiter named Mario that was extremely friendly. We sampled just about everything on the menu it seemed like and it was great. They had a couple playing music and they let my daughter join them. Definitely get Guacamole and a Margarita here. Top notch stuff. Our waiter told us to go to Playa Azul to snorkel. It is a quick cab ride up the road. He mentioned that they would just want us to order a drink or an appetizer and all would be good. It is a very small beach and it is attached to a couple condo buildings and it was perfect. We had no problem finding beach chairs and there is plenty of shade and covered area. There is also a long dock/pier with a ladder to get in the water. You are also able to use the pool area if need be. Very quiet place and cannot thank Mario enough for recommending. It was perfect for our family and our handicapped son sat in the shallow water and loved every second of it. HIGHLY recommend going to PLAYA AZUL. A taxi driver indicated to us that some of the main beaches/parks charge $20 per person to get be able to utilize the beach. We were not going to spend $100 and were so lucky we found PLAYA AZUL. This was our favorite day of the trip and the kids loved it. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2019
Ship: Perfectly sized, not too crowded, not too big, not too small, wonderful water slides on the top deck which are great for kids, the slides have clear walls that pass over the ocean outside of the ship's bounds, very exciting. ... Read More
Ship: Perfectly sized, not too crowded, not too big, not too small, wonderful water slides on the top deck which are great for kids, the slides have clear walls that pass over the ocean outside of the ship's bounds, very exciting. Pools seemed big enough for kids. During the trip there was some wonderful live African or Caribbean music on the top deck and on the Promenade, however there was also some of terrible noisy excruciating pop music as well. The elevators system is extremely efficient for this ship size, the ship has 14 elevators total with wonderful view from the elevator cabin. As a result embarking and disembarking is very quick. Service: There is a good mobile app for guests to use on the ship without having to purchase any WiFi plan. The app provides a lot of useful ship info, such as schedule of events and restaurants, charges on the account, etc. However, need to know to select on the device "use WiFi as is", i.e. without connecting to the internet, this step is very non-intuitive, and you would not know about it unless you stop by at the help desk. Some personnel at the help desk is not fluent with English, even though English is vital for working at the help desk. For most stops the ship does not provide proper maps for the locations to which the ship arrives, have to get maps somewhere after disembarking. Cabin: The balcony cabin on 7th level was great, fits 4 people, well sized and comfortable. The cabin has great sound isolation. One issue is that no body wash is provided in the cabin, like you would expect in an hotel, the cabin only provides shampoo and conditioner. There is also an oversight with the light on the balcony, where the cabins are separated by matte walls, which do provide good privacy, but pass the light from the adjacent balcony. So, unless your neighbors turn off the balcony light in the night, you will not be able to enjoy the starry sky, since you cannot observe stars with lights on. Gratuity: They charge substantial "gratuity" fee per person per day, which is a marketing trick to make the cost look lower, and then charge more during the cruise. For 4 people in the room the $58 gratuity per day is inadequate, this is really a hidden cost and not a gratuity. In addition, even before we boarded the ship, the workers were asking for out-of-pocket gratuity to handle the luggage, which is also inappropriate. The service in the restaurant was so exceptional that we were leaving additional $10 per day there anyway. Restaurant: This review is for the Sapphire restaurant that is included in the cost of the cruise. There was also a terribly crowded cafe with good enough food, but we preferred to eat in the Sapphire restaurant. The service was exceptional on many levels. We had a person with dairy intolerance, and the minute we mentioned that the chief waiter ran in, introduced himself, and arranged a special dairy-free menu to be specially cooked every day, both appetizer and main course, as well as the dessert. A special table with a nice view was assigned for us to make sure same waiters aware of the dietary restriction would serve us. Every day the chief waiter stopped by to plan new dairy-free dishes for the next day. There were also a very nice and very accommodating waiter, and very nice waiter's assistant, who would show quite fancy magic tricks to our little boys during the dinner every day, one trick per day. While this experience was amazing, I am not certain that it is typical - we might just have been very lucky with our waiters crew. Also, the restaurant has a dress code, but it is not enforced, and while many people come formally dressed in the evening, some of more arrogant and ignorant guests would come dressed in shorts and t-shirts, they were not turned around. Shows: The ice show is superb beyond expectations, very professionally made, other shows not so much. Photography is not allowed during the ice show, but the rule is not enforced, and some of more arrogant and ignorant guests would make pictures causing distraction. Promenade: Promenade is the common area with shops, bars, and the cafe that offers free late-night food and free 24-hour drinks, like tea, coffee, and water. It took some substantial effort to find out which place has free 24 hours tea, coffee, and water, this is not made clear enough in the ship's flier. We also saw unruly and yelling drunk people walking on the promenade and stopping by in cafe, creating unpleasant uncivilized environment, yet these people are not confronted by personnel or by security. Kids: The kids club on the ship is very lame. The activities were not particularly fancy or exciting. There is a set of play stations, like Xbox, to use during the so-called "free time", when no kids activities are scheduled. This "free time" has lack of supervision. Our boy came crying when some other kid pushed him out of the game station when it was our boy's turn to play, and did not let him play for an hour. Basically, the boy was bullied, and there was no one to make sure turns are fairly taken at the play stations. Skating is available daily, which is great, but for kid sizes there are only hockey skates, whereas kids of this age would normally need figure skates. There is also mini golf that is good for kids. Excursions: 4 islands over 8 days was a great deal. Labadee, San Juan, and St. Kitts all 3 were awesome, but St. Maarten was a complete waste of time, both the excursion and the stop overall. The St. Maarten beach is crowded and not great, rather overrated, and there isn't much to see on the island either, not mentioning the tourism infrastructure is very rudimentary even at the port. The whole St. Maarten stop is arranged for people to leave their money on this island for no good reason and no benefit. On St. Kitts need to understand that there are no beaches at the walking distance, and using excursion as a way to be transported to the beach is rather overpriced, the transportation alone should not cost as much as the excursion does. The travel time for excursions is not disclosed, only the total time is. For instance, St. Kitts excursion we took was declared as 4 hours long, but took only 3.5 hours, of which 1 hour was the travel time, leaving only 2.5 hours to spend on the beach. They also canceled our excursion on Labadee because they decided to merge our excursion into an earlier one to make it more cost-efficient, but they failed to notify us, and we lost valuable beach time as a result. To make things worse, when they cancel an excursion, instead of refunding it, they turn its cost into a non-refundable onboard credit - so, you will have to find ways to spend that money on the ship. Read Less
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