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7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Adventure of the Seas
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  • Day 1
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    San Juan
  • Day 5
    St. Maarten
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Adventure of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Newly installed FlowRiders and water slides are sure to please


Less than half of the cabins onboard have balconies

Bottom Line

A good choice for Southern Caribbean cruises requiring fewer at sea days

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: February 2019
We booked this cruise as a 'last minute' decision because 1) we needed a getaway and 2) price (we must have hit upon it on one of their price drop days). We have only sailed one other cruise, on Princess, so I am trying to give ... Read More
We booked this cruise as a 'last minute' decision because 1) we needed a getaway and 2) price (we must have hit upon it on one of their price drop days). We have only sailed one other cruise, on Princess, so I am trying to give this an honest stand-alone review without totally comparing the two. Check in was flawless. Being able to pre-check in was one of the easiest and having it 'done' was great. We arrived a little earlier than our 'appointment time', but still was on the ship within 10 minutes of arrival. The ship was immaculate, very pretty and very easy to navigate. They have an interactive ship guide on every floor at the elevators and on promenade deck. It also displayed the time, which I found very helpful on several occasions as I don't wear a watch. I am a true believer in you make your cruise experience as great or not as great as you are willing. We are easy to please, go with the flow kind of people, especially on vacation. For the most part, we were happy and content with the cruise, however ,there were a few things I wish RCCL had taken into account. 1) We are not smokers, and having to walk through the smoker's gauntlet to get a pool towel or walk completely around the other side of the ship through the solariam to escape the bulk of the smoke was a poor layout (in our opinion). Even coming through the solarium, the stations were downwind from the smoking area. I could usually hold my breath long enough to make it through, but one day was particularly so bad that it actually set my throat on fire to the point I was getting throat lozenges from the infirmary the next day to help alleviate the irritation. 2). Aside from the outdoor decks, there seemed to be no areas to relax and 'people watch' or sit casually in the Promenade area, other than in a bar area. Music was alvailable nightly in all the bars, but seating was non-exsistent within ear shot to simply enjoy the music without being in the bar. These were our 'disappointment's' with the ship itself. We adjusted and just stayed either on ouside deck 4 (upwind from smokers) or just skipped the evening crowds. We ate in the Windjammer for all meals. For the most part, we thought the food was good, sometimes really good, sometimes mediocre. For the most part, we always found something we liked, or tried something new. There were some times I would have liked to of gone to the dining room, but my husband didn't care for a structured dinner, so the Windjammer it was. If you get to sit in Section 6 in the evening and have a waiter named Mayvon, you are in for some of the best service on the ship. Always smiling, always. And never missed a beat with drink refills or anything else he could do for us. Delightful young man. Our room assistant was Jose Pierre. Another remarkable young man and an asset to RCCL. We asked for ice when we first arrived and he had a fresh bucket for us morning and evening every day for the rest of the ship. We never had to ask for it. He was in and out and did an excellent job each day. If we had a question or request he was on top of it. PORTS: Labadee - We didn't go ashore because my husband had a pinched nerve in his neck we were trying to get the pain reduced by massage and acupuncture - which semi-helped that day only. :( San Juan - LOVED San Juan. We did not take an excursion because the ship docks right in Old Jan Juan town. We walked up and toured the fort and then walked around town. Stopped and got a drink and free wi-fi before going back to the ship. St. Maarten - What a beautiful piece of land. We took the Double-Decker Tour and our driver, Victor, was a hoot. Had a great time. We had the morning tour, and the temperature was about 80, so wasn't unpleasant on the upper deck. We did not go to the French side because of the hurricane damage, and felt like the the cost of the tour should have been reduced accordingly. That did however free us up to spend a little longer at the stops. There are no traffic lights or storp signs so traffic is a 'honk' I'm coming through or get out of my way and a narrow two lane road accomodates all traffic. Side roads are even more narrow, but they make it work. I personally wouldn't drive because I'd have a nervous breakdown before I got anywhere. My one regret is the photo opportunity we did not get of the overlook of the two bays, which is an iconic picture of St Maarten. We stopped and heard the story of the peak, but that was all. The Rhum tasting was fun and delicious and a bottle of the Banana Rhum found its way back home with us. :) Once the tour was completed, we had time to walk back through Phillipsburg, but the hubby's neck and shoulder were hurting him, so it was a casual afternoon on the ship. Disembarkation - We chose to self-assist and were able to leave the ship with minimal waiting. Through customs and on to our car in a matter of minutes. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
I recently returned from a wonderful cruise on Adventure of the Seas which included three generations of our family. We are ages 25-76 with both novice and experienced cruisers. I was the coordinator of the whole adventure and with the ... Read More
I recently returned from a wonderful cruise on Adventure of the Seas which included three generations of our family. We are ages 25-76 with both novice and experienced cruisers. I was the coordinator of the whole adventure and with the help of the excellent crew and staff of the Adventure of the Seas everything went smoothly. My husband and I had previously sailed on the ship so I knew there were appealing features for everyone in our group. We had four cabins from balcony to promenade to inside so that was good for all to see the differences and learn the benefits of varying locations on ship. The variety of activities and venues on the ship provided enjoyment for everyone in our group. The younger ones were the late-nighters who enjoyed the Schooner Bar and the casino. The early risers loved coffee from room service and the coffee bar. We all enjoyed the pool deck and the pool bars, dinners in the main dining room, and the excellent beach itinerary. To sum up the highlight of this cruise for our family we all agreed that sitting as a group around Keith's piano in the Schooner Bar and singing our lungs out one night was hilarious and the smiles never left our faces the whole time. I'm smiling right now as I write this--it was that good. Keith is truly an entertainer. Highly recommend. Our family has travelled quite a bit in Mexico over the past 20 years but Costa Maya was a new port to us and what a lovely surprise. Not so commercialized yet and we found it refreshing. First thing to do is get out of the immediate port area and take a taxi to the malecon where there are little beach clubs and more locals. We spent our time ashore walking on the boardwalk, sat under umbrellas with some ice cold buckets of beer and fresh pico de gallo (Big Mama's), and ate street tacos from a local cart vendor. Enjoyed by one and all. We also took an independent excursion with Cozumel Beach Bar Hop which goes to the east end of the island which has no electricity for the most part. Off the beaten path and more authentic small beach bars with loads of fun and frivolity. These are rustic beach places with sand and surf not chain restaurants with fancy bathrooms. The millennials thought they were hip and the rest of us remember when Mexico used to have places like this everywhere. Looking forward to the next one--bon voyage! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2019
We live in Canada and knew we would need to reacquaint ourselves with the sun by end Jan - hence this cruise. For this first time, we decided to splurge on a Jr Suite, which was affordable due to the short length of the cruise. What ... Read More
We live in Canada and knew we would need to reacquaint ourselves with the sun by end Jan - hence this cruise. For this first time, we decided to splurge on a Jr Suite, which was affordable due to the short length of the cruise. What great accommodations! Could not believe how much storage space we had available - many of the storage cupboards went empty! Wow - a couch and two lounge chairs - yes, purchased at the "uncomfortable furniture store from which Royal purchases all their seating accommodations" but having a choice was wonderful! Balcony was lovely. Lots of space to kick back and enjoy the view. Huge soaker tub in the bathroom. We are not bath people, but if we were, it would be great! Shower was OK at best. Temperature setting was not necessarily related to the temperature of the water! Many issues on this trip ... Kept doing the USD to CAD conversion and charging my card in CAD even though I asked them to charge my card in USD (because my card gives a much better conversion rate). On Day 2, when I got notice from my card that a purchase had been made, I noted it was in CAD. Called down to guest services, who advised I could not resolve the issue over the phone but needed to go to the service desk. Headed on down, waited in line, got to the desk ... and the staff member said yes they could fix it, but that I needed my credit card in addition to my sea pass card ... like the woman could not have advised this when telling me I had to come down to the desk? OMG! Back up to the stateroom, back down, more time in line to contemplate my wasted time and ... voila ... after only 30 min more, signing the waiver requesting my fees be charged in USD, re-swiping the card, re-issuing the sea pass card, all was fixed. Right until the next day, when I got to do it all again!! There were many in the line-up on day 3 that were having issues that had apparently "been fixed" the previous day. In my case, the day 3 fix did work. Hope everyone else experienced success too. I have a food allergy. First time on a Royal cruise that we did not see our section head waiter or preview the next day's menu so the cooking staff could ensure my food would be prepared away from the food to which I am allergic. Mind you, we rarely saw our waiter either ... once to place our order and ... that's it. We often order from the non-published Indian food menu on Royal - usually a great variety of curry options. Asked our waiter what the Indian food option was and his answer, without checking mind you, was chicken curry and vegetable curry. If that is the limited choice offered on the boat, it is what it is ... but it is not a move in the right direction! Assistant-waiter was great! Evening of day four, the toilet made a bizarre noise - like a regurgitation. Hesitantly took a look - volumes of black, gooey slime/sludge was quickly working its way to toward the top of the toilet bowl. Called maintenance who said they would be there in 20 minutes. We had our suite evaluation plans, including putting our suitcases on the bed, and waited for maintenance. Husband called again 60 minutes later; gotta say, tone was a lot less pleasant than mine. About 10 minutes later, an engineer came to take a look. His comment ... OMG! Guess I did not sound panicked enough. He went out into the hallway and accessed the plumbing panel, did his thing, and the goop disappeared. Good news ... did not exceed the volume of the toilet bowl! He sent someone to come and clean the toilet ... took some scrubbing! The smell of the tobacco smoke from the casino permeated everything on deck four and the promenade on deck five. Consideration should be given to obtaining better smoke eaters, installing two-stage doors into the smoke polluted areas, and creating a negative pressure to keep the smoke in the Casino area, so the rest of the passengers are not subjected to the odour. The greats! Though incredibly overworked, our cabin attendant went the distance to make sure we had everything we needed! Kudos to his hard work and attention to detail. Mariia was the guest services contact who permanently fixed our card issue. Not only did she fix it, she called the next day to make sure it was not re-occurring. Her attention to detail fixed the problem correctly, her professionalism in checking back to make sure everything was fixed was very much appreciated and her concern and empathy made us feel appreciated and valued. Diamond Lounge - real plus Great coffee in the machine!! Staff were outstanding - attentive, friendly and efficient. Concierge Lounge ... not on this boat! It has been replaced with a Suite Lounge. Decreased services for Loyal to Royal members. Rather than being disappointed there are more C&A members sailing with Royal and cutting back on level perks, how about maintaining perks and privileges. Top Tier Event - Absolutely outstanding Great ice show performance. Even better were the staff awards. So great to see hard-working team members be recognized for their contributions. Everyone we spoke to felt the same way. Kudos Royal - great step in the right direction! Production Shows Good effort and very entertaining. One of the shows was centred on a dancing team and, while this seems to be the trend after last year's Tango team, liked the older shows that told a story a bit better. Headliner shows - great! So ... some really great stuff; lots of room for improvement. Each time we ran into issues that seemed to be dismissed by staff, we kept reminding ourselves we were down enjoying a cruise to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cozumel and were enjoying warm, sunny days where we could have been home in the record, cold temperatures. We counted ourselves lucky. Read Less
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