Royal Caribbean's Myers-Briggs travel quiz

(4 p.m. EST) -- In an effort to improve its vacation-planning experience, Royal Caribbean has teamed up with the Myers-Briggs company to launch a quiz that offers cruise recommendations based on your personality type.

The assessment tool, found on, asks users 13 questions as they pertain to personal behavior and preferences -- including "When traveling, do you usually: 'Say hi to everyone you meet' or 'stick with your squad?'" Users must then slide a button toward the answer that best describes them.

Once the results are calculated, users will be designated a travel personality type, such as Expert Adventure Planner, Laidback Wanderer and Spontaneous Sightseer. They also will receive an itinerary recommendation best suited for their type, with planning tips.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment that evaluates people's preferences among four key areas: directing and receiving energy, taking in information, making decisions and approaching the outside world.

--By Gina Kramer, Editor