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snorkeling Carusao at Blue Bay
"snorkeling Carusao at Blue Bay"
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snorkeling Carusao at Blue Bay

(May 2015)
snorkeling Carusao at Blue Bay
snorkeling St. Lucia Pigeon Island
snorkeling St. Barts Shell Beach
Our Tracy Arm sightseeing day was too icy to go as planned, so our Captain
A Komodo dragon from Komodo Island. A shore excursion on the cruise. Amazing.
Our trivia team. Brain exercise, as was the lectures given by guest speakers please keep this up it was a great way of filling in time.
Worlds tallest waterfall in Quebec City. I thought it was spectacular.
Never be bored with a library on board.
Brisbane, Australia, from the local ferry bus on the Brisbane River.  Loved this city!
Part of our renewal of vows celebration


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snorkeling Carusao at Blue Bay