Maasdam Photos

Member photo by Snorkelpuss:
(Jul 2016)
Koningsdam at Copenhagen
A landing float plane next to the Maasdam in Juneau from the catamaran that
Ship docked at pier in Vancouver.
Port of Sitka, Alaska with fishing boats under repair.  Watching port activity can be interesting and educational too!
We experienced the most beautiful moment at sunrise in Waikiki
Sunup was just happening.
Farewell Sydney.
Maasdam in Cairns.
Maasdam in Benoa Bali.
Welcome to Bali.
The same sunset after visiting Brisbane, but a few minutes later.  We call this "sky blue pink".
Sunrise over Diamond Head taken as we pulled into Honolulu
Approaching the beautiful island of Moorea in French Polynesia.
Arrived early to enjoy the boarding process. Lunch in the Lido was good with very nice selections of food and at the reception we met some very nice people  crew were friendly and helpful.
Bar Harbor
Sailing away from New Zealand
Sydney Harbor
Sulawesi Karst mountains
Orangutan, Borneo


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