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Arrival Champaign
"Arrival Champaign"
Member photo by Mike Nagell:

Arrival Champaign

(Jan 2019)
We were very happy to book 5 cabins on this ship when we discovered it was designed to be accessible and had multiple levels of accessible cabins available. We booked the Penthose Spa Suite for ourselves and 4 additional cabins for our children and their spouses. The ship is beautiful and well designed. There were some hiccups which I attributed to being a new ship still working out some kinks. Before booking the cruise we were assured that they had staff "specially trained" to assist with my husband
Outside the Observation Lounge.
Hallway on Deck 7.
dinner ready
On board while dinning in the evening on the Colonnade
Arrival Champaign

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Arrival Champaign