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Port of Cannes

Poor Cannes, so underappreciated.

About Cannes


Cannes is no doubt a glamourous location, where visitors will find beaches, upscale shops and interesting sights


Because of Cannes popularity with tourists, pickpockets are often prevalent

Bottom Line

In addition to walking where the rich and famous have, Cannes has much to offer in the way of history, shopping and dining

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Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, California: "There's no there there." Cannes, sadly, seems to suffer from a similar character flaw. Consider this arch comment from travelmeister Rick Steves: "Cannes has nothing unique to offer the traveler, except a mostly off-limits film festival. You can buy an ice cream cone at the train station and see everything before you've had your last lick."

Clearly, Steves has no affinity for Cannes' je ne sais quois -- insisting the French Riviera resort offers little to visitors apart from luxury brand shopping and a day at the beach. But given a chance, Cannes does deliver. Granted, the Palais des Festivals, which houses the International Film Festival, looks like a no-name warehouse, and its signature red carpet is absent except during the festival's annual 10-day run in May, so there is a sense of a let-down. But dig deeper and you'll uncover some rich history, fabulous food, a modest and sweet Old Town called Le Suquet, and La Croisette, a glitzy palm tree-lined boulevard that makes up for the missing red carpet.

Vive Cannes!

Where You're Docked

Cannes is a tender port. Tenders arrive at a terrific location within easy walking distance of everything you'll want to see: shops, restaurants and the historic center of town. You'll find restrooms at the tender dock.

Good to Know

Cannes is a tourist town -- and where there are tourists, pickpockets will lurk. Take the proper precautions. Also, much of Old Town is hilly with cobblestones, so wear comfortable shoes.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The local currency is the euro. For currency conversion figures, visit or The cheapest and easiest way to get cash is to use your debit card at an ATM. There is a conveniently located ATM at Banque de France (8 boulevard de la Croisette).


French, of course, though English is widely spoken in hotels and deluxe stores.


For officially sanctioned souvenirs of the Cannes Film Festival, check out the boutique in the Cannes Tourist Office at the start of Boulevard de la Croisette, just across from the Majestic Barriere hotel. Locally produced items found in the city's many shops include woven baskets, lavender sachets, Provencal fabrics and wines of the region.

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