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Exclusive Pictures of Seabourn Encore From Cruise Critic Members

  • Seabourn Encore is the first of two new luxury cruise ships that expand on Seabourn's Odyssey-class design. Weighing 40,350 gross registered tons, the 600-passenger all-suite luxury ship can carry 150 more passengers than its Odyssey-class fleetmates, and boasts a higher ratio of space per passenger (as well as a higher ratio of crew members per passenger).

    Seabourn took ownership of its new vessel in December 2016, and will christen the ship in Singapore on January 7, 2017. Seabourn Encore will spend its maiden season in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, before sailing to Athens for its 2017 summer season in the Mediterranean.

    Curious about Encore? Check out some of the first photos of the ship, provided by the cruise line and Cruise Critic members onboard pre-inaugural sailings, with our slideshow.

    Photo: Seabourn

  • 1

    The Design

    Seabourn Encore is full of stunning visual elements (like this stairwell in the atrium) and nautical touches. Conceptualized by award-winning New York-based interior designer Adam D. Tihany, the ship offers "unexpected surprises," which -- according to Tihany -- are "not meant to be described, but rather to be discovered."

    Image: Seabourn

  • 2

    The Restaurant

    The Restaurant is the main sit-down dining venue on Encore, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In comparison to ships in the Odyssey Class, The Restaurant on Encore offers a softer aesthetic, with latticework, starbursts and a wine tower.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 3

    The Colonnade

    The Colonnade is the casual dining venue on Encore, with a mix of buffet and a la carte offerings.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 4

    The Colonnade (Continued)

    The space features islands for food display and an LED screen that reflects time of day and the current port of call.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 5

    The Colonnade (Continued)

    The Colonnade also offers alfresco dining, with spectacular views of sea and port.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 6

    Seabourn Square

    On Encore, Seabourn Square boasts a rounder design and a bigger cafe area. Offerings include coffee, pastries, sandwiches and gelato.

    Image: Seabourn

  • 7

    The Grill

    New to Seabourn is a Thomas Keller signature restaurant called The Grill.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 8

    The Grill (Continued)

    The 94-passenger eatery will offer chophouse fare and an outdoor dining area.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 9

    Observation Bar

    Incredible panoramic views can be found at the Observation Bar, located on Deck 11. This round lounge hosts Early Risers' Coffee and Tea every morning, and piano music and drinks in the evenings.

    Image: Seabourn

  • 10

    The Pool

    Located on Deck 9, Encore's pool area has two whirlpools, a casual poolside dining venue and a bar.

    Image: Seabourn

  • 11

    The Pool (Continued)

    The pool also offers a variety of seating, loungers and "lounging pads" (pictured).

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 12

    The Retreat

    The Retreat, a covered area on the ship's top deck, is an onboard oasis with 15 cabanas, a centrally located hot tub, a bar, a spa cabana, sun loungers, and food and beverage service.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 13

    The Retreat (Continued)

    Passengers can gain access to this serene spot by renting a cabana for $350 per day.

    Photo: Able Seaman H/Cruise Critic member

  • 14

    The Spa at Seabourn

    The Spa at Seabourn boasts a full-service salon, and a variety of massages, therapies and treatments. Another addition is the Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil program, which offers passengers classes in mindful living, such as complimentary and daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as seminars on topics like healthy aging and anti-inflammatory foods.

    Image: Seabourn

  • 15

    Fitness Center

    Encore's fitness center offers ocean views, Technogym equipment for cardio and strength training, and a variety of complimentary classes, including yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

    Image: Seabourn

  • 16

    Wintergarden Suite

    Measured at 1,300 square feet, the Wintergarden Suite -- Encore's largest accommodation -- offers a glass-enclosed solarium with a tub and day bed

    Image: Seabourn

  • 17


    The all-suite Encore houses 300 cabins, each equipped with its own private balcony. Accommodations range from 300 square feet for a standard veranda suite to more than 1,300 square feet for the Wintergarden Suite (pictured). Cabins embody a subtle nautical theme, and include mahogany wood touches, all-marble bathrooms (complete with separate tub and shower), walk-in closets, an in-suite bar setup and a personal "suite stewardess."

    Image: Seabourn

  • 18

    Signature Suite

    The Signature Suite expands offers dinner seating for up to six, a pantry with a wet bar, forward-facing windows for sea views, and a whirlpool bath.

    Image: Seabourn

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